At Ronnies funeral I was surprised at how many people actally read this website!! So here's the update:

We lost my brother Ronnie just before his 70th birthday and his humour ,friendly character and general positive outlook will be sorely missed.He could, of course, be exaspirating at times but you never stayed angry at him for long.

The funeral was one that he would have liked. Family getting together and talking of old times with a joke or two thrown in for good measure.

Babies have been born with Louise and Lynn giving us Jamie and Raife respectively.

All of my Generation are retired with just Alfie, Audrey and I holding the fort.

I'm still not going to be a Granddaddy as Tim seems to think that life is all about making money und doing sporty things.

Carmen is having a knee operation next week (miniscus) so I will have to nurse her for a few days/weeks/forever!!

I'll try to keep this up every few months just in case any-one reads this.

03. September 2012

A very moving and emotional year up to now, with a funeral and two births.

My mum died in the spring and we all agreed that she was ready. In her own words she has gone off to join my Dad. God , if you're there, look after them both.

End of July the circle of life completed itself by giving us two new additions :

Liam Hamill (son of Louise and Christopher ) a week later than expected.

Casey mackie ( son of Clair ) totally unexpected ( no-one told me !!!)

Life is rough if you're a Greek Rangers supporter (Skint)

Evro and Christine have retired much to the joy of Louise and Christopher ( cheap babysitter)

I'm working, Carmen's working and Tim's working, no daughter in law or grandchild in sight :(

bye for now.

31.July 2011

A lot of things have been going on in 2011,

: Louise and Christopher got married which involved a huge family gathering with everyone going up to Pitlochry after the wedding. ( Photo's ,see facebook and Photos section)

: Tim got a job working for a large Austrian bank as a lawyer (whoopie!!!)

: Young Lucas Mackie has joined the Clan.

: Mum still forgets things.

:The Crackerarses are still in Jakarta and Mo can tell a great story when she's drunk ( tell her to tell you the one about the Javan Princess!!)

12.November 2010

It has been a long long time since I've updated this site!!! Anyway it seems that most of the Mackies/Kriarases/Berrys are on Facebook so there is a lively exchange of photos and news, but for those that don't go into facebook, here is the News:

Ioannis and Morag are still in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tim is now a Lawyer (unemployed :( )

Carmen is still running and complaining about work.

Ronnie and Kerry are having another baby next month.

Mum's still forgetting things.

Evro is employed or unemployed depending on the day of the week.

Fred married Janet in July (Mrs Mackie III )

Lynn married Dave in May (Mrs Davy I)

I'm still brilliant and handsome.

I'm still an obsesive liar.

I'll steal some photos from Facebook for the site and keep the news coming.

Lotsa love Frank

04 October 2009

Today would have been my Dad's 91st birthday had he made it, but as we all know , he left us on the 31 August. As if he planned it, he died just when Carmen and I were in Scotland. Seeing every-one at the funeral and amazingly, hearing laughter during the speeches, I realised, that that was how it should be. Well done Fred, well done Evro.

If your interested, I've written a small eulogy.

Lots of love, Frank

25. August 2009

Hello all, Ronny said that I should update so here we go. I've changed the photo's a bit and will try to keep new ones coming thick and fast !!

Dad is not doing so well and the doctors have more or less said that it's just a question of time. Mum will take it pretty hard when the time comes so we will all have to be patient.

Carmen, her sister her husband and I are off to Scotland next week for a wee holiday staying with Alfie, hope the weather is good.

I'll keep you all up to date. Bye now.


15 January 2009

Happy New Year to you all!!

And here is the news: Ioannis, Mo and the boys are in Indonesia and are being pampered as is their right. Fred and Carol have separated which is a bummer, but that's life. My Mum and Dad are as well as can be expected, Dad sleeps all day and mum gets bored which makes her get forgetfull. Katina and Alf are fine and well. I was on the phone to Viv and Findlay and they told me the boys are at Uni and college ( graphic design and Journalism). Carmen, myself , her sister and husband will be off to Pilochry in september for a weeks hikeing, but next month Carmen and I will be in glasgow for a few days for a visit.

That's all I know for now.... oh. yeah, carmen is running half marathon in two weeks and Tim is doing an internship at the local court on his way to becoming a lawyer.

Me? I'm fine although slightly overweight,

Love to all, Frank

16 August 2008

Hello all, It's raining outside and I've got nothing to do so "why not update the site?" I thought .

Tim passed his law exams in january and will start working in the court from october. carmen turned 50 in July and we had a big party (see photo's). My Mum and Dad , Katina and Alf and as far as I know all other oldies are well albeit a wee bit forgetfull (a wee bit ???). Ioannis is finishing up in saudi Arabia and will be moving on to Jakarta , Indonesia (WOOOO HOO !) which is great as it means that Morag wont be arrested for telling a Saudi religious policeman to %$§#ck -off!!

Carmen and I will be going to Cornwall for a week the last week of September along with Carmens sister and husband.

Lots of love Frank

16.November 2007

Hello again, I'm here in northern Spain in a place called Arrubal just south of Bilbao. Outside there are blue skys, but it's bloody cold !!! I'm working here for a week or so and should be going home in a few days. Carmen is still working at her job (selling beds) and seems quite happy. Tim is still at university and can't wait to start working. Carmen's mum is still the same, plodding along with a walking stick and giving Franz (dad) stick every three minuites. My mum is getting more forgetfull every day so that we keep having to repeat ourselves, and dad spends most of the time in bed.

Tim and I were in Scotland a month ago and made a quick tour of my brothers. We got mum and drove up to Ronnies, saw our new family member (Jack) and met up with Clair and Antonia so that was great and the timeing perfect. Have a look at the new photos to see Jack and his mum Kerry as well as Antonia and Clair.

Lots of kisses, Frank.

02 July 2006

Gosh it's been a long time since I had an update ..... well it's the world cup here in Germany, England are out (again!!!) , Germany are still in ( again !!!) and every-one over here is going bat shit . If you've ever been to Germany , say, on a rare occasion to visit me , you'll have noticed that they take a wee while to warm up , n'espas? Not now , every town has a big screen TV and it's full of Germans and forigners having a great time !! 85000 English "fans" in stuttgart and only thirty arrests ( for drunken abusive actions surprise surprise !!) what is the world coming to !

Carmen has a new job and seems to like it (thank God), Tim has his final exams coming up in september (tenderhooks!) and I will be fly-ing to Scotland on Thursday for mum and dads 60th wedding aniversary . I'll take Photos and videos and put them in here .

See you all , love Frank

16 Nov 2005

Hello again, it's been six months since the party, and everything has got back to normal. In August Tim went to Glasgow for four weeks to gain some work experience with Austin Lafferty , a lawyer (famous apparently) that John Carruthers organised for us. The first two weeks were difficult for Tim as he didn't understand a word any-one said , but after spending four weeks over there, he wanted to stay!! Young David and Lynn's friends were very friendly and showed him a great time.

Health wise , every-one is doing fine. Carmen's mum pretty much the same, but at least she can get around on her own. My mum was afraid that she was getting Alzheimer so she went to the doctor for a check up. When she came back dad asked her what the doc said, but mum sais she couldn't remember ( joke!) She is now getting geriatric therapy and Vitamin B12.

Carmen hates her work (so what else is new!) I love mine and spend most weekends calming her down. Louise was in the USA for a few months working as a councilor in a youth camp and had a great time apparently.

Anyhow, any news from you lot will be very welcome as well as a few photos.

lots of love , Frank.

22. May 2005

It's been a long time since I have updated, so here's the news!!

My long planned birthday party has come and gone , and it was great !! photos here

I had been planning this for about 8 months and had expected a few things to go wrong (par for the course ) but NOTHING DID!! Every-one arrived on time, the four days were the hottest beginning of May in recorded history, the bus, the boat trip, the party at my house and the trip to the Czeck rep. all went as planned . Unbelievable !! My mum was in her glory as at 2 AM there she wasm, telling a table full of middle aged Germans about the war in Athens from 40 to 44 , and everybody listened and didn't interupt. She and a 2 year old were the stars of the party ( the 2 year old was dancing all the time and talking to every-one)

Any-way, thanks once again for all the best wishes.

Mania's getting married (again) in Greece in July and the reception is in pitlochrie ( I'm no payin' for the bloody taxi !!)

I'll be back later, Frank


21.November 2004

Update time!!!!

Carmen and I have been all over the place since the last update......

Berlin: a 4 star hotel in the main shopping district, a visit to the Reichstag (parliament) and other interesting stuff. Food and everything all inclusive paid for by the CSU ( conservative party)

Florida: Two weeks driving round Florida having a great time . Miami, Dysneyland, Cape Kennedy, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach, Everglades, Key West. After all that , we visited Carmens brother Alex in Philidelphia for the weekend. All in all, a really great holiday!

Here is the news:

Next year I'll be 50!!!!!! To celebrate the occasion , on the 30th April,I've booked a river boat for 3 or 4 hours with a buffet and music . From Schärding (Austria) to Passau (germany) and back . We will then be brought back to Haselbach (by bus) to celebrate my 50th at midnight 1st may . This is an invitation to everyone to come over for the weekend (30.04.2005 - 01.05.2005) Ryan-air flys to Linz , Austria every day from Stanstead for about 40 Euros return . Any-one who comes will be picked up at the airport and brought back again. So come on over for a great weekend.

See you all later , Frank


19.September 2004

It's Sunday afternoon, the weather is lovely and Carmen is traing for the Munich marathon again. In about three and a half weeks we'll be off to Florida , providing there's any of it left after the hurricanes !! Next year , as we all know, is my 50th Birthday and a party is being organised . I've booked a river boat for the evening to cruise around Passau with food and bevvy. Everone is, of course, invited ,and with Ryan Air giving you money to fly places (Linz , Austria ) then no-one has an excuse!! So I'll be seeing you all next year on the 30 April and 1st of May . Antonia Mackie has become the first of the next generation and photos are to be found here!! More news when we (hopefully ) come back from the U.S.



07. July 2004

It has been a while, but as most of you know , a lot has been happening and fun times have been had!!!

Most important news, Young Clair has had a baby , my mum's first Great Grandchild . A little girl who was a few weeks too early and weighed 6 lbs . Both mum and baby are doing well WAY TO GO BAZZ ( child's father ).

Carmen and I were in Scotland for my mothers 80th birthday and had a great time see photos.

If all goes well , I'll have the worst and best Karaoke live on here soon !! here !

GREECE WON THE EURO 2004 just as I predicted ( har har !) God ... what's next , George Berry is going to buy a house , not renovate it and live there for the rest of his life ???

I just spoke to Ronnie on the phone and he tells me that Clair and ANTONIA are fine and looking great !!!!

11. April 2004

Happy Easter everyone, I'm just watching Celtic : Livingston on the internet and it's 3:0 for the Tic. Yanni sent some photo's of Morags 40th birthday and of Greece, click here thank you Yanni ! My mum is off to Greece on wedensday for Mania's wedding ???? leaving my Dad with Evro and Fred (my comiserations boys !) . The weather is keech over here and it's an afternoon for lying on the couch . I bought a new car last week , a Volvo V40 , same as before . There's nothing else happening over here, Carmen's mum is doing ok, Tim's doing ok , Carmen's ok and I'm ok , so there you go . Seeya! Frankie

08. March 2004 :

I'm a wee bit late with the news this time, but I thought I'd wait till we got back from Rome , (see photos). We had a nice time as there were only abut 15 people on the bus and every-one was friendly and easy going. We saw loads of churches and old roman stuff, did you know that Julius Cesar was only 4'6" tall ??? Could you imagine it back then " you want me to fight who? bugger off short arse !") . Mania is getting married to Michalis in April but it was supposed to be kept secret for a few weeks to prepare the kids , but that is pure fantasy in our family !! Mum is hoping to have Karaoke at her Birthday party and to celebrate Morag and I will be practicing our Meatloaf , so watch out for that ! Birthday girl was of course Viv and my Mum celebrated her namesday , so all the best to them .

that's all for the moment , Frankie


18.January 2004 :

Hello and Happy New Year to all my readers ! Lots of stuff going on at the moment, let's start shall we ?

I'll be coming over to Scotland in June ( 19th to 27th ) for mums birthday and will be staying in Pitlochrie at Ann and Alfs place so now's a good time to book your holidays in Spain ! If you want to see Ann and Alfs Website click here . There's a few photo's and a nice description . Don't try to pronounce the name, your teeth will fall out!

Carmen and I were at a dinner dance last week and I won the 1st prize in the tombola which was 4 days in Berlin all inclusive . It was a gift from the local Conservative Party, and, as I said to the MP, a lady from Passau , " 300 people to choose from and the only bloke not allowed to vote gets the prize !" What with Rome in February, Scotland in June , Berlin in September and hopefully Florida in October , I'll be a busy little bee this year .

And of course , the main news is .... Ronnie is going to be a Granddaddy !!!!!!! If all goes well then he will lose the mackie/who'sfirst stakes. Just in case you don't know, Clair is due to have a baby in June . The one drawback however is that there's a good chance that the child will be English . Still, no matter , as long as she/he's healthy.

I think that was everything, if not , I'll update ,

bye now, Frank


18.December 2003 :

Just a few days to Christmas and if that wasn't enough stress the Berry clan decided to move house. Diana and George, Viv and Findlay, Ann and Alfie thought " roasting turkeys and argueing isn't for me during the hols , I want to hang up wallpaper and paint things !" Findlay, it would appear , didn't get on with a young celtic supporter next door ..... never !!! What with George cutting down some poor blokes trees , Viv and Fynn upsetting an upstanding member of the football comunity and Ann going to war with British Midlands, I'm surprised that none of you ended up in jail!! Thank god for wee Audrey is all I can say, writes me e-mails, doesn't fight with any-body or fall over drunk like some spivs I can mention , well done my darlin'. I blame uncle Alf personally, it obviously wasn't Katina who brought them up to be aggressive troublemakers was it ? Talking of uncle Alf, 80 years old , yaehhhhhh!!!! Happy Birthday Alf and here's to many more years of picking fights with people .

Carmen and I were in Austria for the weekend doing Christmasy things when we heard that Saddam Hussein got nabbed. Mum apparantly was talking to a greek lady who " felt sorry for the poor man " ........

Any way , lots of love from Haselbach, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you out there XXXXX


15. November 2003 :

I'm sitting in an hotel room in a place called Heidenheim and it's Boooooring !!! I'm replacing a bloke who they say is having a small operation and should be back at the end of the month. "What's he got " says I. " a by-pass operation (heart, for those of you clueless ones) " they said " how old is this guy ?? " says I "62" "6ty bloody 2 ??? and you expect him to come back ??" " oh he's quite fit " !!! riiight !!

Tim's football team are top of the table after beating the 2nd and 3rd placed and Tim scored his first goal . I embarresed him by doing the highland fling on the terraceing. Carmens shop is closing down after they caught two of her co-workers stealing stuff . They hadn't been making much profit and Carmen and another woman were suspicious and layed a trap, which worked, but was too late to save the shop from the chop. It looks like she'll be moving to another branch next week so we'll see what happens. Birthday boy of the month is of course Tim , 22 and never been kissed. He fancies a girl in Carmens work but never found the courage to speak to her. Carmen eventually got her phone number and gave him the bloody thing. At the rate he's going we'll never become grandparents. Carmens mum is slowly but surely getting better , although Franz is still ocasionally a pain in the bum , regards to all , Frank

13. Oktober 2003 :

I'm just recovering after a busy weekend, what with Carmen running her first Marathon in Munich ( see photos ) and Scotland winning their game allowing them to get gubbed by Holland and driving all over Germany testing Unimog Trucks . All in all it was a nice weekend in a nice Hotel and Carmen did well with 4 hrs 7 min . I , however, was knackered after travelling around Munich in the subway to be at the various stages on the route . The final killer was running a kilometer carrying three cameras into the olympic stadium just in time to photograph Carmen running into the Stadium. Belated birthday greetings to the following people , Fred (24th September) Ronnie ( 30th September) and Pop Mackie ( 85 yrs old on the 4th Oktober ) way to go boys. Alfie and Ann have bought a Bed and Breakfast in Crianlarrich ( is that the way you spell it ?? ) and have chosen the name " Abercrombie " after considering " Alfies Towers " and " Fawlty Berrys " So now we know where to go hillwalking with our friendly rustic old guide ( don't mention the war ! ) Oi! Alf, you'll have to buy a sheep dog and a tweed jacket and cap. Ronnie is still working on the railroad ( sounds like an Arlo Guthrie song ! ) Yanni is thinking of taking up cycling to take care of stress , wouldn't it be easier locking Morag out ? Lots of love to all, frank

13.September 2003 :

Hello again. I'm glad to report that some-one is actually reading this , which is, of course , what makes it all worth while . Mum told me to watch out for George Berry at the Scotland v Germany game . " But it's in Dortmund , 600 Km away , and there will be 65000 people at the game ! " says I . " just look for the one wearing the kilt " says she " that'll be GB !! ". Strange , I seem to have missed him . Talking of which, if I gave a penalty like that in my matches, they'd lynch me ! I'm going to see Bayern v Celtic on wednesday , main stand centre. Look for me on TV , I'm the one getting beaten up for wearing a celtic scarve at the bayern end ! Tims team is top of the table at the moment , I'm doing their homepage too ( ) . Lynn celebrated her 21 st birthday on the 29th of August , many happy returns from every-one Lynn , stay as you are my darlin' , don't change ! ( see photos ). Fred and Ron have birthdays coming up, so lets all save up our money for prezzies ( that'll be right !) Tim is working in an Oil refinary for the next three weeks doing radiography ( yes , he's a bomber ! ) following a long held family tradition . Let's see if he can manage to not do too much damage! Lots of love to all my faithfull readers, Franky

15. August 2003 :

A wee bit late this time , no excuses , the weather was too nice to sit in front of a bloody computer . News ? Tim was in Italy for a week , Evro and Christine were in Zakinthos , and I got mugged . I wasn't actually there when it happened , but I parked my car and rode my bike alongside Carmen and her pals while they were running ( me water bearer !) . While we were gone , some Russian/Albanien/Al-Kaida/ junkie son of a smelly Turk went and smashed my rear window and stole my mobile !!! He didn't touch my CD's , it seems that he doesn't like John Denver , Joni Mitchell or The Corries , obviously a pervert ! Carmen is running in her first Marathon on the 12th of Oktober in Munich and then after that, we'll go some-where on holiday. Carmen's mum is getting a wee bit better and we're optimistic. My garden looks like the Somme in 1917 , well , you can't plant any-thing when it's 37°c ( 100°f ) can you ? In the words of Arnie , " I'll be back !"

21.July 2003 :

Here's the latest on the " wobbly old people " front : Mum and dad Mackie decided against all pleas to the conterary to fly to Greece. Even though they had time all year round , a wee voice told them " no, let's wait till it gets really hot and go then ! after all , we're 79 and 84 , what can happen ? " Of course , what could happen , did . Stairs were fallen down, heart attacks were had, you know, a typical mackie fun time !! You'll be happy to know that they both are on the way to being their old self i.e. pains in the bum.

Carmens Dad was in hospital to remove a blood clot in his main artery so carmens mum was in care for a week . Both are back home again thats one worry less.

Me? I'm re-scaping my garden at the moment and at 30°C it's a great way to lose weight

( 2 Kg) . Tim drove to Italy with his pals to do some camping for a week , hmm... 40° in an igloo tent , where do I sign up ?

Bye-bye , Frank.

10.June 2003 :

A few birthdays have come and gone over the past days and of course the important ones are !!!! Louise . 21 and never been kissed ( that'll be right ! ). There was a great party with lots of tattoos and pierced bits being shown to any-one who was interested and my mum said that the music was too loud , shame on you Weezy !! And of course the chap who embarrased himself by asking what the party was all about !!! George Berry is tra ta ta ta ! 50 years old ! Right you old fart , how about retiring , buying a villa in spain and inviting us all over for a few weeks ? no ? aw well happy birthday any-way. What a great day for GB eh? 50 and Scotland beat the krauts 1:1 .

Serious now . I've heard that there is some tension in Greece about Vasoulas funeral . It would appear that some cousins didn't like Stavros organisation and ther was an argument about money . Can't we even have a funeral without a fight ? Shame on you Evropedis !

12.May 2003 :

Spring is here and it's 30°c outside , which is strange considering that it snowed in Spain ! I've got a few days off so that I can work in the garden ( being from glasgow, it's like expecting a goat to tapdance !). Carmens mum fell down again!!! but only managed to break the lock on the cupboard this time, a leash is being considered . Mum threatened Evro that she and dad might go with them on holiday to Zakinthos but then changed her mind ( close one !! ). It's Louise's 21st birthday on the 25th of may , have fun weezy !

12.april 2003 :

Back again after a few weeks to update any-one reading this, I was working with Tim in Ingolstadt so that he could make a few euro's during his spring break and now that it's over, he's rich and I've got a cold !! Carmens mum came home yesterday and promptly fell down and broke her nose . She looks like Rocky after Mr. T got a hold of him . She is rolling about in her chair , taking steps and taking care of herself but is somewhat impatient so we'll have to keep an eye on her or she'll be off down the street to the shops ! Politically speaking , my favourite scene recently was the Iraqi Informations Minister telling every-one that the Americans were nowhere near Bagdad and that they were being crushed by the Republican Guard while in the background there is the sound of fighting and Iraqi soldiers shouting " f#*k this , I'm out of here ! " Hopefully it'll be over soon .

13.march 2003 :

I just arrived back from buisiness in Holland to a very upset Carmen, some tradesmen were due to come to-day to put the finishing touches to our kitchen and didn't turn up. When she came back from the dentists she phoned them and asked where they were. The bloke answered " we said the afternoon " " no you didn't " said Carmen " obviously you didn't hear me properly " says he , Carmen, after a deep breath, said " Bad timeing pal , I just got back from having my wisdom tooth pulled , my mum has had a stroke and our dog will have to be put down tomorrow so don't f**k with me ". Needless to say , the bloke said sorry and turned up pronto !

Carmens mum is back in the rehab clinik so maybe they can start on the long awaited physiotherapy .

05.march.2003 :

I came back from scotland yesterday , four days with my mum and no fistfights !! Who was on the plane beside me ? Joe Jordan !! Three goals in three world cup tournaments !! nice fellow , even though he didn't recognise me . Carmens mum is still the same unfortunately but her brother is coming over from America so maybe that will help cheer her up . I've pestered enough people about this page and it should be known enough now , thanks for all your comments and corrections , they have been taken care of , honest ! ..... no really it's true .....well , see for yourself if you don't believe me !! bye now . Frank

16.feb. 2003

I'm booked on a flight on the 27th feb to Glasgow coming back on 4th March so I'll see who-ever I see and am looking forward to it . Carmens mum is making slow progress physically but is her old self mentally . Bettina ( Carmens sister ) came over from Switzerland to visit for the week-end so that cheered her mum up!! Carmens dad is cracking up and is walking around looking for arguments with every-one ( except me strangely enough !) Elizabeths stroke affected him more than her it seems and is turning into a pain in the bottie . I've updated the family tree and will soon put Carmens side in as it's detailed way back to 1845 ( typical kraut efficiancy !) check out Carmens grandfather , who does he remind you of ?

01.Feb.2003 :

Mania got in touch to point out some big mistakes ( Evro's daughter is called Eleni and not Maria ) and to give me some news i.e. that she and Michalis will hopefully be visting us in March , let's hope that works out. I'll be try-ing to go over to Glasgow in the next few weeks if Ryan-air will let me. The bad news is that Carmens mum Elizabeth had a stroke last night and is in hospital . Even though it was a light one she's paralized in her left arm . She should come through allright but will have to be carefull.

27.Jan 2003:

Kitchen is finished ( well , not really, a couple of bits are missing ) and it looks nice . First meal ?? correct , Frozen Pizzas !! We were at a dinner dance on Saturday and it was very good . We got into bed at 3:30 and Carmen still insisted on going running at 9:00 ( silly sod !) Yanni sent me some old Photos which I`ll put in as soon as I`ve converted them into jpeg format. A boy of 19 in Tims football team hung himself after a fight with his girlfriend . When you think of how many people fight against illness , hunger , terror , just to live another day , and then some fool hangs himself in order to impress some bimbo !!

to be continued ...


I was speaking to mum on the phone last night and she was telling me that she was giving this adress to any-one who would listen , go mum !!

I'm pretty knackered at the moment as we're getting a new kitchen put in tomorrow and of course yours truely had to dimantel the old one ,lay new electrical points ( my electritian broke his arm ) , help the tile layer , and all the other building work. Children , do not try this at home !!!

I'm off to Holland on tuesday for three days ( Tim's run out of dope and is a pain in the bum !! )

Remember, I want to here from you !!!!


Mum mackie and Katina B. arrived back from Greece and Pangbourne to-day and of course were pretty down considering the circumstances.

I'm sure every-one will understand that any frivolous talk or writing on this page is, at the moment, out of place. I'll write my own thoughts and memories of Vasoula after the traditional 40 days of mourning. Frank

aspirating at times