Born on the 4 October 1918 my Dad, as second last of ten children, grew up without a father (he just got up and left) . He survived the great Flu Pandemic of 1918 which killed about 16 million people all around the world. He was a schoolboy during the Great Depression of the twenties in Govanhill, Glasgow. After a few years working for the railways, he joined the army in 1938 just in time to enjoy the benefits of World War II.

Dunkirk, Tobruk (twice) and el-Alamein were followed by Salerno, all scenes of death and mahem. After surviving all that it is perhaps no wonder that his outlook on life was , shall we say, somewhat ironic.

Everyone who is asked about my Dad will no doubt mention his laid-back attitude and above all his sense of humour which, it would appear , he passed on to the rest of us.

When we look back, let's try to remember the humour.

To us all, I wish a long life, good health and above all, a sense of humour.